Take Lebanon Home Gift

A truly special gift reflecting Lebanese history and heritage in a limited edition of 2000 cases only. Each case is personalized, red-wax sealed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Historically speaking, this Unique case sums up a Phoenician legend, i.e. that of Ringana, betrothed to Rashev, god of youth and the arts, which takes you to the seven cities of Lebanon, rich in mysteries.

Heritage wise, “Take Lebanon Home” comprises a series of 22 extremely interesting items ranging from a craft display to an authentic fossil fish found in Byblos which dates back thousands years ago, a statue of Rashev the Phoenician god, a cedar wood box containing cedar-tree seeds, a mosaic box containing special soil from Bsharreh to grow the seeds, a videotape taking you on a breathtaking tour of Lebanon’s gorgeous tourist and natural sites, a hand wrought copper plate made in Tripoli and bearing the chronological number of the case, a poster featuring Tyre, Byblos, the Cedars and Baalbek, Kefraya wine and arak bottles along with hand made wine and arak cups as well as a former currency, a pin featuring a Lebanese cedar tree, a CD of traditional songs, a postcard featuring Lebanese traditional costume, a tourist map of Lebanon, an informative guide, a booklet recounting the famous Legend and last but not least, the Lebanese flag.

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