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Lebanese Emigrants.org

Lebanese Emigrants.org belongs to the World Festival Committee for Lebanese Emigrants applicable through Decree N° 63 dated 28/2/2005 from the Ministry of Interior and approved by the Ministry of Tourism under Decree 938/1/2005, Foreign Ministry Decree 144/2005 and Ministry of Culture Decree 576/2005.

The foundation of the World Festival Committee for Lebanese Emigrants organizes festivals, conventions and gatherings in Lebanon and abroad with the aim to create and improve the touristic and cultural relationship between Lebanese resident and worldwide living Lebanese aloof any kind of discrimination or segregation having whether a sectarian, religious or political form.

Intercultural exchange and service offering between Lebanese in different countries is also one of our main goals. We encourage cultural and educational activities as well as exchanging delegations in order to achieve our aims.

Crafting a bound between Lebanese worldwide and with their homeland Lebanon by all possible means and cooperating with the Lebanese Diaspora remains our ultimate aspiration.

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